What to avoid and how to perform right tree pruning?

Tree pruning is an essential skill that you can’t perform without acquiring knowledge. Today, we will tell you about some crucial things that will help you avoid the things during tree pruning and the best way to do it. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about them below.

Things to Avoid for a right tree Pruning:

Identify the right time: 

You need to identify the right time when thinking about the correct tree pruning. When you select the wrong season for pruning, it will damage the trees, which can later result in death for the tree.

Winter is supposed to be the beneficial season for Tree pruning. The reason behind this is less stress for your trees and an easier thing for you. However, make sure not to do tree pruning when it’s the fall season. Last but not least, don’t perform tree pruning when the trees are vulnerable to disease and pests.

Do Correct Pruning Cuts: 

It’s essential to perform accurate cuts when you are thinking about tree pruning. The majority of the time, tree owners perform flush cuts, which can harm the tree’s overall health. Flash cuts tend to remove the branch collar, and it can open the way for pathogens and pests to enter into the plants and destroy it.

Don’t perform pruning without the tools: 

Usage of tool is significant for the right tree pruning. Performing the pruning process without the help of tools can damage the trees, but it also increases the tree pruning time.

How to perform Right Tree Pruning?

Pruning the trees makes it strong and attractive. However, performing it in the right way is very important. Follow the steps we are going to mention below to learn the right tree pruning.

Step 1:

It’s essential for you to already know about why you want to prune the tree. Setting the goals will make it easier to achieve the process better as per your needs.

Step 2: 

The second step for you is to assess the tree. It means, spare half and an hour by looking towards the tree shape and size. Imagine the look it will provide you after you finish the pruning.

Step 3: 

The skeleton branches are the most important ones in a tree. Take some time and identify these branches. Make sure to remember them and avoid the removal of these branches.